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“Love in time of  cholera”  Hollywood always tap tin the theme of romace, love and imposible relationship, I have to admit it may be a good sales for some audience but they totally missed that real plot of the novel when adapted to the screen play, yes in the novel it was the element of  romance but a apart from it there was lots of political  issues that were happening at the time in Colombia,  pick up by the author in his collective reality that he was leaving in.

Narrative as seduction

“Some critics choose to view Love in the Time of Cholera as a heart-warming story about the enduring power of true love. Others criticize this view as simple, contending that the author has woven a story so dense that the reader risks falling into its trap of sweetness and simplicity if they do not pay close attention to what is happening. García Márquez himself said in an interview, “you have to be careful not to fall into my trap.”

The term cholera as it is used in Spanish, cólera, can also denote human rage and ire. (The English adjective choleric has the same meaning.) It is this second meaning to the title that manifests itself both on the level of Ariza’s hatred for Urbino’s marriage to Fermina, as well as the theme of social strife and warfare that serves as a backdrop to the entire story”.

How long would you wait for love ? is the tag line of the movie

Where really the all point of the novel was the cholera..

“Marquez’ “Love in the Time of Cholera” follows Florentino Ariza as he waits for more than half a century for the woman he loves, Fermina Daza.”

“Some Latin American literature fans will question if the story can be told authentically in English. Some film industry insiders will doubt it can be a hit without Hollywood stars. Art-house film fans may think it’s just “Hollywood cinema with a funny accent,” in Newell’s words. Cynical modern moviegoers may need to be convinced by an old-fashioned epic love story. And there will be the big man himself — 78-year-old Colombian literary giant García Márquez — watching from the wings.

Nevertheless, Newell is staking his reputation and Steindorff is staking a personal fortune of $50 million on the production because they believe a universal love story will draw in all ages and cultures.

Newell acknowledged that a story of lovers who wait out half a century of marriage, war, and generations is “not an efficient Hollywood story. It’s a great big ocean liner of a story that tells truths about people from youth to old age . . . I can see my parents in it, myself when I was young, myself now, and my friends.”

check out the bloody history of the colombian nation in between 1860-1940 when that novel and film was set on , also  Canal the Panama doggie business with the U>S>A


“They laugh and at the same time they shudder. For through the ornamentation of the costume from which the grandmother has disappeared, they think they glimpse a moment of time past, a time that passes with out return. Although time is not part of the photograph like the smile or the chignon, the photograph itself, so it seems to them, is a representation of time. Were it the photograph alone that endowed these details with duration, they would not at all outlast mere time; rather, time would create images for itself out of them”.

Siegfried Kracauer, “Photography.
Check out chapter 2 Temporality, Storage, legibility : Freud, Marey, and the Cinema on :
The emergence of cinematic time: modernity, contingency, the archive By Mary Ann Doane.
(Complex, easy to digest but may be not to explain) .

Photos by freeestyle @ Queens Park Staffordshire..
Time is just another concept, another word in any dictionary, and like any other concept, idea, myth can only be real if some one gave thoughts to it (felling, emotions, believe). It is funny when people said “ oh time is passing by”, nor like the wind it cant be heard or felt, nor like us that get old and then transform in to other forms. Us? The thinking us, the mind or simple what we have being told by other generations of victims of victims of ignorance. Time like energy is endless, but endless can be associated with measurements, measurements with math and math with time and all its numbers.
Time like any other of man’s creation has a purpose, and of course an expiry date, like Religion and God, Love and the True. Man has created time to limit his own experience. The purpose of time is simple to limit our own existence, existence that translates to experience. In our new modern society, the experience of time is marked with clocks, time tables, clock in and out, work, the expire date on the pre-cooked meals, the school bells, the church, the time to pray, the time of the month, the monthly mortgage, the credit card payment, the monthly bills, the monthly salary, the parties and events, breakfast, lunch and dinner, the bank holidays, mothers day, valentines, Christmas and all the other “Special dates” and Good Times, design for the perfect game of capitalism in our consumiristic condition society. From this angel, there is really no time and the time there is all booked with experiences that limit our existence… who ever invented time, tax and work is a mad man!!! Un mundo perfecto en lo inperfecto.

Man and his big words, here we have the Wikipedia and all its knowledge, definitions and long sentence that helps to define our existence, when our existence is not a definable concept. It is all about feelings, quemical reaction on our brains that make us vibrate one way or the other, which is Fu;;;;;’kng sick, an the good news is that is all pointless, which is a goo thing since there is no point, no grant design and everything is a big mis-take … a beautiful mis-take but don’t panic, man like s to be sure to feel secure, man don’t like unsertanty and this may be a reason of the conept of knowlegeds and the Wikipedia to help to conquer the everyday life and define our universe, with all the beautiful names for galaxies and star, well we have conquer the moon and other planets, “ am proud to be part of the unperfected big bang. Almost inexplicable, probably this give us a reason created bibles, religions, miseles, and words concepts and the beautiful world of cinema to entertainers the planet of misery that is leaving in and try to explain our existence….
“ that the bigets risk I life is risking nothing at all”
Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.
Mary L Cook
Now we are able to find inspiration on you tube which is amazing, not need to sit underneath trees or start for forties days in the desert … different times this is my definition, my bible on a blog,
“This is what we do”
Create and Destroy. Mass production, mass destruction and the all new wave of recycling.

photo by freeestyle  @ The John Rylands Library, Deansgate.


Use Value

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“According to Marx the use value or value in use can be directly correlated to the utility of the product. He goes further and postulates that any labour-product has a value, use-value and possibly an exchange value when it is a commodity and able to be traded on the market. In the latter, the more useful the product the greater its exchange value. The value of such a commodity can fluctuate daily on the market as supply and demand alternate according to both Marx and neoclassical economics, however, Marx suggests that the fluctuations are due to the variety of commodities available where as neoclassical economists have a view that it is the marginal and general utility of the product that is important. Therefore, value and price are not equivalent in terms of economics and there has been strong debate on the subject by many theorists including Marx himsel” Laura Tilstone.


“Iron is the fourth most abundant element and makes up more than five percent of the earth’s crust.  Iron exists naturally in iron ore (sometimes called ironstone) .

At very high temperatures (rare except in a blast furnace — see below), a radical change takes place: the iron begins to absorb carbon rapidly, and the iron starts to melt, since the higher carbon content lowers the melting point of the iron. The result is cast iron .

The mass-production of cheap steel only became possible after the introduction of the Bessemer process, named after its brilliant inventor, the British metallurgist Sir Henry Bessemer (1813-1898)

The mass production of cheap steel, made possible by the discoveries described above (and many others not mentioned), has revolutionized our world.  Consider a brief and incomplete list of the products made possible (or better or more affordable) by cheap, abundant steel: railroads, oil and gas pipelines, refineries, power plants, power lines, assembly lines, skyscrapers, elevators, subways, bridges, reinforced concrete, automobiles, trucks, buses, trolleys, refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, nails, screws, bolts, nuts, needles, wire, watches, clocks, canned food, battleships, aircraft carriers, oil tankers, ocean freighters, shipping containers, cranes, bulldozers, tractors, farm implements, fences, knives, forks, spoons, scissors, razors, surgical instruments, ball-bearings, turbines, drill bits, saws, and tools of every sort”.(

For some, the value of these vehicle made out of a primer (free) source such as Iron is great and even grand. It represent wealth, no necessary health. For sure the value of this vehicle is greater then the value for the fallow neighbour. Or is there more than one way of understanding of the word or concept of value?

“El trabajo es salud “: best translated Work is health and if this is true? Why is there so much illness in the world?

Week2: Consumption & Production

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Produced by Argus Films and the NFB, The Coca Cola Case (reviewed here) follows a groundbreaking U.S. federal court case against Coca-Cola for alleged wrongdoing and complicity in the deaths of union leaders at partner bottling plants in Colombia. In the past few decades, hundreds of workers have been intimidated and/or illegally detained by violent paramilitaries, often working closely with plant managements.

Affect and not Effect

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photo by Freeestyle

Gilbert  defines ‘affect’ as  “a term which denotes a more or less organised experience, an experience probably with empowering or disempowering consequences, registered at the level of the physical body, and not necessarily to be understood in linguistic terms”.. while in the a dictionary i found  Affect as:’to act on; produce an effect or change in’ or to impress the mind or move the feelings of:… may be when comes to popular culture and media industry we can refer to audiences…

“The concept of discourse enables us to theorise beyond the artificial division between ‘material reality’ and consciousness”. (Walser, 1993: 45)

Misuse or Misunderstood

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Jeremy Gilbert Talks about the miss uses and the misunderstanding of words, how linguistic concepts and ideas are mix and even mash up in to new ones. So we live in a very much man creator existence when only a small percentages are called scholars

CODES- Codigos- مدونات – קודי – 码 – Codes and Symbols

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